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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    I am 37, 6 ft , current weight 192 bf estimated at 15
    I am running liquid oral dbol @ 50 mg a day for 4 weeks ( dose split in 3 )
    Test e 250 mg 2xwk
    pct is in order and in hand including adex
    I know people always ask what to expect and everyone always responds how its different for everyone, I have put on about 10 pounds in 12 days but not much difference in the mirror I really don't care what the scale says im more interested in the mirror arms seem bigger, pumps fell good,veins showing in my arms I have never seen,,when should I see improvement in the mirror 12 days seems early but you here guys posting all these mad gains , hope you guys have patience with us new guys But we just don't know what to expect and the fear of having bogus gear is always their..thanks

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    wrong forum....please go the the Anabolic Q&A for this question. THANKS!

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