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    Considering a "Fight Night"

    I went to the local club last night, which sponsers a Tuesday Night Fight. Open to any amateur, which would be me. 16oz gloves, headgear, and the belt/groin protector are provided. Fight lasts 3-1 minute rounds. Looks like fun to me.

    I've never set foot in a ring, but every one of the fights was a slugfest for the most part, which I might have a good chance in. I plan on finishing this cycle here in a couple weeks, then preparing for a shot at the fights. Any advice from someone with experience? I was going to do massive amounts of cardio, since I don't want to punch myself out like most of the guys did in the first round. I was thinking of having my brother spar with me by throwing just tons of huge haymakers so I would get used to dealing with the unorthodox style. I'm not a huge guy, 5'10" 230lbs, so I may draw some bastard that is like 6'4" to match my weight.

    Any suggestions/tips/tricks?

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    Been doing ring fighting on and off since I was 8, started with boxing, moved on to full contact mixed martial arts, ie UFC style. Total, Ive prolly been training/ring fighting for 8 on years, took some time off a couple of times for various reasons.

    None the less, learning to take a punch will help. If you'll be fighting with 16oz gloves, train with 20oz gloves. Learn about distance, most people see a punch coming at them and are like "oh shit, its on" and start firing away or turtle up into a little ball, depending on the person. A persons arm is shorter than you think. Learn to move...

    Example, someone throws a punch at your head, close enough to make contact. A simple step back and your head moves 1/2 the distance of the step. A shuffle, and you move the full distance of the shuffle. If you duck, bent at the knees or you'll set yourself up for an uppercut if you bend at the waist.

    I just get sick when I see a slug fest, so chaotic and both fighters usually walk away with no more then a bloody lip. Distance is the biggest thing I see beginning fighters fuck up on, and the biggest thing pro fighters use to their advantage. Learn to back peddle, strafe and shuffle (on top of your punching skills) and you prolly wont do too bad

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