In case you haven't figured it out yet: I kinda like the way this guy thinks.
Bringing It All Back Home

It seems every which way we turn these days weíre catching it from
somebody. Even our neighbors to the north in Canada have been pretty
vocal in their criticism of our policies, with one of their diplomats
calling our president a not so nice name.

Germany, France and Belgium have refused to back an invasion of Iraq.
It seems that America is not wanted in many parts of the world and I
have a proposal.

Letís rescind the NAFTA Treaty. Weíre the short end of the stick there
anyway. What do we need with NAFTA anyway?

Letís boycott Perrier water and French wine and discourage Americans
from spending their hard earned dollars vacationing in a country which
would be speaking German if not for the U.S. military.

Letís close down all our military bases in Germany and relocate them in
the United States. The billions of dollars in payroll would boost the
economy and also the morale of our troops serving at home instead of a
foreign country.

Letís uncap our oil wells in the western states and put the alternative
fuel program on the fast track. There again our economy would flourish
and if Iím going to pay two dollars a gallon for gas I want it to come
out of the ground in America.

Letís turn all our military might to eradicating terrorism instead of
protecting countries who donít appreciate it. Maybe even countries who
helped Saddam Hussein develop his chemical weapons program.

Letís close our borders down tight to all but legal immigrants and
deport those who are already here. That would go a long way in doing
away with terrorists.

Letís declare a real war on drugs and crime. With the money we save by
not having to have a standing army in Germany we could have plenty of
manpower and all the technical bells and whistles.

Letís raise the pay for our military and let the men and women who
defend us make a living wage.

Letís find out who our friends really are and protect them from their
enemies, in fact their enemies should be our enemies and vice versa. No
more of this French and German back stabbing.
Letís stop investing, manufacturing or trading with these nations.
Believe me, it wonít be long before theyíll feel the economic sting.

Letís just bring everybody home and solve our own problems and let those
who are not our allies solve their own. Letís see how soon they start
to squeal when the Osama Bin Ladinís of the world find out that the
price for attacking the U.S.A. is way too high and starts blowing up
buildings and people in their countries.

Then when they go to the United Nations and want to attack the monsters
we can sit back and say no, what we need is a diplomatic solution. Give
the inspectors a few more months while the suicide bombers continue to
tear you apart. Youíve just not proved the necessity of bombing to our
satisfaction. And then letís build a missile defense system for us and
our allies and sit back and thumb our nose at the world.

If we would seriously consider even part of these policies you would see
an immediate change in the attitudes of the rest of the world.
Letís do it.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels