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    Anyone a personal trainer?

    I was thinking of becoming one. I applied for Economics next year at university but may change to Kinesiology. I enjoy both fields but I think I rather be in the gym all day than spend my life in some suit in some stuffed up office.

    Wanted to know what kind of money do they make?
    What is needed to become a personal trainer?

    I'll probably have more questions ...

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    Those are all very broad questions. The best personal trainers, like the best chefs, professors, writers, contractors, etc, can pull in astronomical amounts of money. I do it on the side, and have spoken with a number who do so as a career, adn the general impression I'm given is that it is largely an endeavor of patience. Like many professions, you'll start out at the bottom (24 hr fitness, local gym, etc) most likely providing the gym with some basic services (orientations, consultations) in exchange for being able to train your "own" clients there (at least, that's how many of the guys I know operate). Over time, if you're good at it, word of mouth will yield more and more of your own clients and you become a local commodity of sorts...i'm left with the distinct impression, by the way, that successful personal trainers are very entrepreneurial in nature, the great ones are selling themselves constantly.

    That's a broad take on where I've seen most PT's at in my experience, any more specific q's ask away.

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