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    topic selection????

    Hey, I'm doing my english paper on steroids and I was wondering what would be the most informative topics to write on??? I was thinking maybe how steroids have evolved and how they're used in today's modern medical world. Suggestions are highly welcomed!!!



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    Yeah, and one paragraph can be how to properly inject yourself.

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    Is this is a high school English paper, a writing comp paper, or a college-level English course writing assignment. That would drastically determine which topics would be acceptable for a final submission. I'd love to help out, being a pain in the ass English student, but don't want to send you down the wrong path with my suggestions.

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    i chose to do an assignment like that for my first year composition class two years ago...needless to say it didn't fly well because the subject matter was not appropriate in my prof's opinion.

    regardless of how informative or well written it is everyone has their own bullheaded opinion of steroids whether they know anything about them or not.

    i would think of a new topic just to prevent you from getting a poor grade on an assignment that otherwise might turn out better if you switch topics.

    why not write about the adonis complex or dysmorphia? i got an A on a paper last semester for writing on dysmorphia for an anthropology class and was extremely proud of my work, as was the prof.

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