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    HI,im a new member to A.R,iv just finshed my 1st 6 week cycle of DECA /DBOL i had some realy good gains from it,3 days ago after i finshed my cycle i got food poisoning from chicken i was sick for nealy 3 day/nights and lost quite a bit of weight,just been down gym and im week as hell!!!!!!!hope its its were i have no energy and not lost all my gains from the A.S.
    Anyway my 2nd cycle looks like this,

    WEEK1=12 400mgs DECA
    WEEK1=12 500mgs SUST 250
    WEEK1=12 500mgs TEST ENANTHATE

    Ill start taking CLOMID after my 3rd week of DECA im not quite sure about using the TEST ENANTHATE on the this cycle but im open to your oppinions if you think test enanthate is a waste then that is fine.
    Im 26 my weight before i was sick was 210lbs now im 197lbs im 6ft tall
    before i started A.S i was 182lbs i dont think your be happy to hear that iv only been weight training for 6 months!!! but close freinds do look at me differently and say how much iv changed since going down the gym they dont no iv done the JUICE!!!!!!!
    This site has been a real eye opener keep the good work up everybody.
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    Wk1-4 40mg Dbol
    Wk1-12 300mg Deca
    Wk1-12 500mg Sust


    wk1-4 40mg dbol
    Wk1-13 500mg Enan
    Wk1-12 300mg Deca

    Keep the Test dose above the Deca by 200mg to alleviate any worries of progesterone build up
    Sust needs to be shot EOD to utilize the prop effeciently.
    Enan has a shorter half life than Cyp/Sust so if Enan is choosen, start clomid 2wks after last Test shot

    Keep nolva on hand or run 10mg throughout the cycle. A-dex/L-dex if bloat is a concern, or to add another anti-e' to the arsenal.

    Next time, you might want to post this in the Steroid Forum, you'll get a lot more responses

    Test worthless? Test is a must in every cycle IMO

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