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    Memorial day, what does it mean for you/??

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    Its the day we mourn my fathers bestfriend who died so my dad could live.

    r.i.p edwards

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    I'm a vet. Not sure why, but doesn't mean too much??

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    Business as usual yeah?
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    I'm a vet...and saw action in Lebanon and Morocco.

    I lost friends in those tours. I think of them from time to time and wonder how their lives would have turned out had they lived. Young men in their late teens---early 20's---shot down---blown up.

    I see a lost friend's family over the holidays....they are like extended family to me and i think they look at me like the son they lost in Lebanon.

    Millions of life's taken because one side said they were right...and the other saying they were not.

    War is Hell...and unless you've seen it first will never know what i'm talking about.

    BTW...all war's are fought over economics...not philosophy or principle. They brainwash you to think the former...but its really the later.

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    Since I work at home now, it doesn't mean a day off of work for me anymore.

    Seriously, though the holiday was originally to remember the union solders who died in the civil war. As far as how it's been expanded to mean all military people who died in all wars. It's really hard for me to put sympathy behind somebody who died over a bullshit war (like the one in Iraq). I mean, if it were like Nam, I'd have sympathy since most of them were drafted. And most people who join the military aren't joining because they have some duty to this country they feel they need to do. Most join because they have no direction in life and often a baby on the way. I really don't drink enough of that Kool-Aid, to start remembering them as heroes.

    I mean there are some people who have died in the line of duty there who deserve some admiration, but not all of them. I mean, if we're going to remember everyone who dies while doing their job, let's have a day to remember all the high rise iron workers who die. Or let's have one to remember all the firemen who gave their lives trying to actually save somebody's.
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