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    home theater

    So while waiting for a job that applies to my degree I picked up a part time job at best buy... I am considering upgrading my home A/V equipment with my discounts. I decided on the Energy classic 5.1 system. Does anyone have advice on a receiver? I am looking into a Denon 600W with 3D pass through in case I decide to upgrade my TV eventually. Obviously I have a tight budget of about 400 for the receiver. I plan to connect my PS3, Xbox, and iPod. As well as my TV so I need at least 3 HDMI and an USB .

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    I need to start looking into this. I would only personally purchase bose. I just bought a 70 inch tv about a month ago. Shit is crazy. I just need to grab the bose surround sound but its like 1500 I think

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