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    Mind-Muscle connection

    Got a lot in my head and don't want to write a novel. This isn't really about a forearm workout its about mind-muscle connection if you need cliffs.

    Did back followed by forearms today. On forearms I start doing halfway reverse grip pretty decent pump. Then dumbbell wrist curls regular and reverse with less weight of course. Then behind back barbell roll and grip. Didn't feel hell of a lot on those even going to failure not the type of exercise you want to cheat through. Cutting to the chase, I finish with straight bar two hand wrist curls going up progressively. Start at 30 lb, then 50 lbs, then get up to 60 lbs for 20 reps a set holy shit forearms are burning like crazy great control could feel the muscle belly inside burning and veins are jumping relative to my bf im staring at them got perfect form and its like I'm willing them to work and grow through staring. You know theres a million ways you can do them too like off a bench or whatever. I did them on my knees with about two inches of wrist hanging off the knee and lean way forward as far as I can and arms parallel perfectly T shaped to the bar. Normally if an exercise is a 20 repper.. yeah you might hit failure but you don't get that I just kicked ass feeling if you know what I mean?

    So cutting to my point seems like some exercises you can get crazy mind muscle connection and others its harder. Do you guys have any tips for example have you ever had a breakthrough where things clicked and suddenly an exercise is hitting you in a way it wasn't before? On the surface I know it might sound like I'm reaching but I really believe there are multiple ways to do the same exercise and you might think you are doing it good when in fact you are leaving a lot on the table. Sometimes you can see this is guys' physiques I believe even. I also think there is something mental that happens like you enter beast mode and you feel motivated and you just are hungry like Arnold said. So I'm looking at myself and I'm like what can I do to go to that place with more exercises instead of going through the motions?

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    Like your title says broski, mind muscle. Connect.

    You literally, ESP targeting forearms have to establish this.

    I stress to my clients, no matter wat muscle it is, to have this connect and squeeze at the peak. Keep the tension on the muscle, and squeeze when you get to the peak.

    Like you said there's many different ways to train a muscle. Variations of grips, stances, etc.

    What I like to do for forearms my gym has this machine where you put a plate at the bottom, it's Attached to like a rope pulley, and u twist it to pull up.

    Obvi the connection here is going to be during the twist/to pull it up..where it's getting tighter and placing stress on the muscle.

    Asking several clients to verbalize the connection and what they feel, this is how I ensure proper connection..too many times I have worked with John/Jane doe who claim to have establish the connection but can't tell me what they felt.

    Arnold was the greatest and a leader and also role model for some but not all!
    I love watching Arnold, but I also strive for that lite to go off like aha, thas how I can change it to better hit the muscle.

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