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    Got my Bloodwork Back...

    My Bloodwork came back, (full panel, everything that can be tested) amazingly no STD's ! As it turns out, I am a picture of health... All is good, even my cholesterol came back lower than low (4.5) the only kicker was my Test lvls were quite low... As in 6.5. Normal range can run up as high as 24. So I got a rx for TRT. Did I mention it is 160.00 per scrip ? Holy shit... Thank god I'll get it back thru insurance! my wife was blown away that I was low, she knows what it's like when I'm on cycle, (twice a day every day at least) she's a little worried that her ***** is now gonna be like a worn out catchers mitt...lmao ! Bottom line I'm a little blown away by the price, and I wonder if a couple of cycles has screwed up my testes, before I knew of PCT and AI's.

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    glad to hear your STD free

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajc330 View Post
    glad to hear your STD free

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