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Thread: HCG: during cycle or during PCT?

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    HCG: during cycle or during PCT?

    I have never experimented with HCG but it seems that most people, or at least most on this site, agree that it should be started sometime during the beginning of the cycle and ended with your last steroid injection. Others say it should be part of your PCT protocol.

    Rich Piana believes it should be run during PCT,

    rich piana on cycles - YouTube

    Skip to 8:00

    I will definitely start using HCG but would like some clarification.
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    He's clueless. Damage begins on cycle. He's telling everyone to wear a seatbelt after they get in a wreck.
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    Couldn't have said it better. Preparation or damage control? I'd rather be prepared. HCG beginning the first day of your cycle right to the day before you start pct.

    HCG mimics LH so your body is essentially fooled into thinking youre producing LH though you really aren't producing any, or very little. A proper PCT takes over where the HCG leaves off - as the HCG vacates, your clomid signals the pituitary to produce LH on its own. Since the HCG and AAS are out of your system (because you timed it according to your gear schedule and esters), they don't conflict with the natural LH/FSH being sent to your testes. Voila. Youre producing test naturally STILL because you ran HCG throughout your cycle therefore you never shut down in the first place.

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    HCG maintains testicular size and function so if you want the best chance of recovery your better off using hcg during the cycle and not after your testicular have not been working for weeks on end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by austinite View Post
    He's clueless. Damage begins on cycle. He's telling everyone to wear a seatbelt after they get in a wreck.
    One clever dude!

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