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Thread: Ak or sks

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    Question Ak or sks

    Big gun guy here. Have always been int hand guns and shooting steel in competition. Recently guys I hang out with are picking up ar 15's Ak 47's and sks's . Any one have any input. ? I will be shooting steel plates at 100 & 150 yards

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    In Canada, AK's are prohibited, and AR's are restricted (extra licence, and can only shoot at a range). Even though I hold a restricted licence, I love to shoot in the bush, so I'm partial to my non restricted Russian SKS. Got ahold of 200 rounds super rare 7.62x39 tracers, so I can't wait for summer fire season to end!

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    Ak IMO is over hyped I do like sks though.

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    The .30 caliber 762X39 cant hold a candle to the accuracy of the 5.56. That being said, the 7.62X39 is a "man stopper" compared to the smaller, high velocity 5.56.

    As far as rifle platforms, they are both great for different reasons. The Kalashnikov AK is as reliable of an assault rifle as you can ask for yet the AR platform is light weight and offers a lot of interchangeable options.

    It comes down to application but overall IMO the AR is far superior especially if you don't mind spending the extra scratch for a piston driven rifle vs gas driven.

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    If you're shooting steel comps, go with an AR, or get a second mortgage and buy a SCAR. AK's are cool but not what I would bring to a comp.

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    i've owned an sks.. i now own ar.. good times
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