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Thread: south east asia

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    south east asia

    Hey, so Ive been thinking lately of moving away for a year or so, currently live in bc canada. I was thinking somewhere in south east asia. Dont really know much about that part of the world but know there are a few guys on here that have lived there that could probably give me some info or advice.

    My concern is finding work. I currently work as a land surveyor and bouncer. Not sure how transferable my skills are.

    Basically just looking for an experience and to try something new for about a year or so and of coarse continue bodybuilding somewhat seriously (continue to compete)

    Any info tips or advice at all would be really helpful.

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    No one? To get me started could someone suggest a place that would be best suited for me? Not looking for brothels or the party scene and definitely something on the coast.

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