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    1,659 that you?

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    wow, I didnt hear about this. I also blame the parents. Why are you letting your kid walk around with a toy gun that looks so real. In todays times you have to use common sense.

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    The parents see nothing wrong here. They're suing. When the DA declined to file charges these people all upset and talking about racism and like they killed him again and evil pig cops etc. This is local to me. Right down to the crowds of idiots with bullhorns and signs demanding more sensitivity training and BS for the department.

    You roll down the street and point a real looking gun at a cop WTF did you think was going to happen?

    This department is just as crooked as they come but shooting kids is really not on their daily "to do" list.

    Plus, he looks just like all the other little gangbangers around here.
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