marcus300; If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
Kelkel - To be happier as I could use a little help there. Stay healthy for my son and for him to always be healthy and happy. That's about it.

marcus300: Your going to get the members questions now so who knows what will happen next, but thank you for being honest, open and willing to do this. I know we share many views, opinions and advice on bodybuilding and I would like to I have a lot of respect for you and what you have achieved. Is there anything else you want to say before we get on with the members questions?
Kelkel - The respect is mutual. And yes, we do have a lot of similarities when it comes to BB'ing, training, etc. and I'd love to train with you some day. THAT would be beyond fun. Bring the questions on. I'm curious what will be asked.....

members question: What was the defining moment for Kel when he made the decision to go from your average gym rat to pursuing the lifestyle of a bodybuilder?
Kel: I don't think there was a defining moment. Through high school I was about 150 lbs and skinny with long hair. I just did not want to be skinny any more. Muscles / bodybuilding was fascinating to me so I got my first 110 lb Sears Set and went to work in my basement. Ironically I'm back in my basement now.

members question: From previous posts, I see that Kel has his own gym set up in his basement dubbed "the dungeon", what's his reason behind working out at home compared to a gym?
Kel: Simple. I work from home so I get things done while I'm working. Then my free time is all mine. I have enough basic equipment to get by, but do miss the variety of equipment a gym offers and the sound of other people banging weight around. There's a gym about a mile from my house. I'm tentatively considering joining it just to have the option.

members question: Aside from bodybuilding, what else is he passionate about in life?
Kel: My son. My Harley (bagger.) I have a great group of friends that I ride with. We may be heading to Sturgis this year as well. Look forward to that.

members question: What does it mean for him, knowing he is a mentor to many young members here on the forums?
Kel: I've enjoyed passing on knowledge and experience gained over decades of living this lifestyle. Remember, I started when there was no internet so imagine the exacerbated risk involved. It really was a guessing game back then. But back to the point, if I can help young guys make safer, more common sense decisions then I'm happy about that and would consider that a success.

members question: Other than lifting and riding, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
Kel: That's really about it. Not much time for anything else. Love to watch football. I'm actually a decent golfer but I've just left it slip away the past few years when I started riding more. When I play, and if I can go once a week or so I can maintain about a 13 handicap. I'll surprise ya out there. Real good short game.

members question: How do you feel about women with ink?
Kel: No issues at all. Like anything, don't overdo it and remember you have to live with it the rest of your life. Here's an analogy: it's like putting a picture on your wall and saying you're never going to take it down. That said, you better like it.

members question: You have an amazing physique. Ever consider competing again? What's holding you back?
Kel: It's a constant internal debate with me right now. Yes, I'm considering it and if so it would be the middle of next year. I'll decide in a few months after consulting with a pro friend of mine. If I choose to I just need to make sure It's for the right reasons, as odd as that sounds.

members question: Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Kel: Both. One of the best pets I ever had was a cat. Had to put her down about 6 years ago. She lived about 18 years. Right now I have both a cat and a dog. Dog weighs a whopping 2.3 lbs.

members question: Do you prefer bikini, fitness or bodybuilder physique or another look?
Kel: Well, I don't think I'd look good in a bikini and I'd pull something doing fitness. But seriously I guess it would be bikini then fitness. Tomorrow maybe fitness then bikini.

members question: If there comes a day when you will not be able to lift, how would you adjust to this lifestyle change?
Kel: I'm sure that day will come unfortunately. Hopefully it will not change my outlook on life or my personality. Age will get us all but we have to fight it every step of the way. As I've aged I've slowed down training frequency and also make sure my protein intake is good. Rest is everything and as we age and I also believe we have more of a need for protein. Works for me anyway. I did take a year totally off when my son was born. Didn't really lose much as I kept everything else in check but starting back was a slow process to avoid injury.

members question: Do you have something against cardio?
Kel: No. I just don't have a need to do it. My workouts are extremely heavy, hard and intense (HIT style.) Funny, years ago when I had my physical with a new doc he asked me how many times a week do I do cardio? He asked as my bp was great and my rp was 53. I answered once a week in the summer when I cut the grass. He laughed and said well, whatever your doing keep it up, you're about the most fit person I ever see. And he's a distance runner.

members question: Have you always been vascular?
Kel: I think so but I'm sure lifestyle helps. When I think about it my older brother is very vascular in his arms and he doesn't work out at all, ever.

members question: If you could improve one aspect of your physique, what is it?
Kel: I may have touched on this with Marcus earlier. It would probably be a lower quad attachment and of course to be larger. The ability to gain more size without killing myself.

members question: Have you been hit on by guys?
Kel: Yes. Just now.

members question: Would you consider dating a member you met through this forum?
Kel: Well, imho, attraction usually starts out as physical followed by the mental aspect for it to work. On a forum it's the opposite, mental then physical. I think if you are stimulated mentally and then the physical is there as well it could be a win-win. But I'm no psychologist.....

members question: Describe your ideal female companion including physical attributes, personality, etc.
Kel: Always preferred dark hair. Fitness minded but not a hard core BB'er. Easy going, fun, self-supportive, able to laugh at themselves. Maybe a bit sarcastic cause I am. No, really.

members question: What's your favorite feature of the female body (aka, are you a T or an A or a leg fan?)
Kel: Ass & legs. You can buy tits if you must.

members question: If you could spend the day with one member of the forum, who would you choose and why.
Kel: I'll answer that twice to be fair. If it were a male it would be Marcus as I'd like to train with him. If it were a female it would be GGR. I'd train with her too, well, er sorta. If she'd let me.

members question: Seems you may deal with delicate personal issues in the HRT forum. Approximately how
many PMs do you receive in a week?
Kel: No clue how many but a lot. I've often said I think I answer more pm's than I do forum questions. And that's just fine. I understand members do not want to put everything out there and it's nice to have someone they can confidentially talk to and bounce things off of.

members question: What's the best advise he was given when he first started?
Kel: Don't neglect your legs. I didn't. I'll also throw in how much powerlifting influenced me and how good it is for a bodybuilder to train this way occasionally and vice versa.

members question: I'd like to ask, what does his diet truly look like? He talks like he eats anything he wants, I'd like to know what an average day is?
Kel: Middle of night-protein drink
Breakfast-usually protein drink, bagel, banana, yogurt
Lunch 1-Pasta with lean hamburger, bagel, grapes (I snack on green grapes all day. Addictive)
Lunch 2-Chicken and white rice mixed with BBQ sauce or AI, maybe a yogurt
Dinner-Pan fried steak, rice or the above meal again. Doesn't bother me to eat the same stuff meal after meal.
Dinner 2-Maybe 6 eggs over easy or a couple cans of tuna
Snack-large was of cottage cheese with mandarin oranges and grapes

Minimum's usually 5 meals but I shoot for 7 if possible. But, life gets in the way so every day can be a bit different. I am very consistent with this regimen as working from home makes it much easier to accomplish. I'll eat pizza when I want. Love BBQ chicken pizza and that's my son's favorite anyway. I eat a lot of half-fat vanilla ice cream to keep calories up. Do the math, I can eat twice as much if I buy half fat......

members question: Was he involved in powerlifting?...damn sure looks like it.
Kel: Yes but I got hurt prior to my first contest I was entering. I trained in a gym full of powerlifters and I was the only BB-er. It was actually great. I learned so much from those guys. Powerlifting is simply fun. Anyway, doing opening attempts a week out from the meet my legs got wrapped by a large buddy. I did my opener easily then my leg felt funny. A while later I could not walk on one leg. The wraps broke a vein in my gastroc which bled internally filling my leg with blood stopping movement and putting me in the hospital on blood thinners and all kind of crap wrapped around my leg with hot water pulsing around it. It was a mess. They were worried it would clot. I've not wrapped my knees since.