Three stories about Russ Grimm: legendary Washington Redskin HOGG:

There was a Strip Joint in DC back in the day that Russ Grimm used to frequent, it was leftover from the old Burlesque Days, lots of good People there. I used to meet all the girl's Moms and Daughters!! There was one dancer who wouldn't take her panties off, that's another story. Anyway, once I was sitting at a little table while she was on stage, I had my head down in my beer glass, when all of a sudden it seemed like all the lights went out, I looked up slowly and it was one guy blocking out the light!! My eyes went up to where his head should be, and there was a Washington Redskin Emblem on a t-shirt, chest high, and about the width and girth of a refrigerator. then I look up higher and saw the face of Russ Grimm, as he walked by he quipped "She don't like to show her p***y"

Joe Theissman tells the story of the Redskins playoff game against the Cowboys, it was the fourth quarter, the game was safely won, and when Joe called the play in the huddle, Russ Grimm CHANGED it. Counter Trey, so Russ Grimm could pull and plant Randy White into the turf. The next play Joe Gibbs called another play and once again Russ Grimm changed it, so he would be able to destroy Randy White again. Joe Gibbs quit sending in plays after that.

Finally, Joe Bugel tells the story of an after-practice when Grimm had a terrible hangover and they were all eating hot dogs. He said Russ puked up a great big pile of hotdogs, and then started gobbling them up again from the ground.........Russ Grimm-grimmafterparty3.jpg