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Thread: marcus300 interviews Austinite

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    marcus300 interviews Austinite

    marcus300: Which country are you from and how do you like living there?
    Austinite:: I'm from the US. I am from Houston, Texas originally. I love Texas. I've lived in several different states and something always draws me back home. I would not live anywhere else at this time. The laws are great and protect citizens from harm better than any other state.

    marcus300: What do you do for a living?
    Austinite:: Primarily, I run a multi-chain car accessory retail chain. Secondary, I own a supplement company with a partner. It's a single store that does very well and we have our own line of products that we push primarily.

    marcus300: Are you married and do you have children?
    Austinite:: I've been married and divorced twice. Currently I am single with no children.

    marcus300: What are your current stats and what would be your ideal ones?
    Austinite:: I am 6ft tall, 235lbs. Last body fat was checked last year at just under 12%, but right now my guess would be 14%. I've reached my ideal weight last year, 235 @ under 12% is good for me.
    marcus300: How long have you been training and what are your goals?
    Austinite::I've been training since the mid-90's. My goal was that I wanted to be huge, 275lbs+. My biggest was around 260 and it was in a time of my life that I just couldn't afford to maintain the lifestyle. I'm currently in a maintenance mode. I've been 235 for a while and happy with that, just like to keep my BF at or under 12, which hasn't been very easy lately.

    marcus300: What have been your happiest times of your life?
    Austinite::Happiest time (singular) was actually very recently when I finally became a principal in the company I've worked for forever. This changed my life considerably.

    Happiest times (plural), are when I get to help Muscular Dystrophy patients. My volunteer time is priceless to me and quite healing. They do far more for me as I do for them.

    marcus300: What has been the lowest times in your life?
    Austinite:: Lowest, well, there's several, but to keep it related, back in my mid to late 20's I had suicidal thoughts and even written my last letter. I suffered erectile dysfunction, developed pigmentation all over my body and was just tired of living the way I was. Luckily, I muddled through it because life is good today.

    marcus300: If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be
    Austinite:: Lots of choices! Probably Larry David. His life has to be a constant comedy. Laughter is good.

    marcus300: How did you first get into training?
    Austinite:: I just started going to the gym with a couple friends. I was as skinny as a toothpick and I hated it. I wanted to be bigger, much bigger. It took about 2 days at the gym to decide I needed to be on steroids . Big mistake at such a young age, but that's what happened.

    marcus300: Whats been your best cycle so far?
    Austinite:: My best cycle that was test and primo. Primo is very special to me. It changed my look in the mirror almost every day after week 16. I topped doing UGL gear but if I ever go back, it would be for Primo.

    I've done a cycle of Test/Primo/Var/tren /mast. While it was heavy and results were very good, I was miserable with all the injections and hated life. Will not do that again.

    marcus300: Are you religious and how do you see the whole topic there being a God?
    Austinite:: I have never been religious or practiced anything of the sort. I have no issues with anyone's beliefs so long as they don't harm anyone.

    marcus300: What annoys you with the forum and what do you like?
    Austinite:: Hmm. Nothing really annoys me. It used to be repetitive questions in my educational threads but that doesn't bother me anymore. They're getting enough traffic now that everyone is helping each other. So I guess nothing really bothers me about the forum.

    I like the members we have. I like the quality of members and their posts when compared to other boards. Anyone who has visited other boards surely understands the garbage there is to deal with. Our members here are amazing and when I was actively posting educational threads, they helped expand my knowledge with their interactions.

    marcus300: Sorry to hear about how low you got in your 20's. Does any of the things you suffered from still bother you to this day?
    Austinite: Some yes, some no. I wish I didn't have to deal with a pigmented body, but I have come to terms with it so it no longer impacts my confidence or social skills. Having to inject and use cialis to maintain an erection was tough on my for many years. Today however, it's become routine and in fact I like it for the betterment of my overall health.

    marcus300: Would you like children?
    Austinite: As of today, no. I work too much I can't even have a dog, and I really want a dog!!
    marcus300: Would you get married again or is two times enough punishment?
    Austinite: lol. I am not going to seek marriage. If it happens, it happens. But it will have to be with a prenuptial agreement for a set amount of years.

    marcus300: If you could pick a handful of supplements what you would class the best to take what would they be?
    Austinite: This is the hardest question, lol. I love them all so it's not easy to pick. But let's say a handful is 6, fair? L-Arginine, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, NAC, Ubiquinol and Fish oil. I want to list 10 more.

    marcus300: How many strippers do you have a week/monthly?
    Austinite: Not much lately. Used to have really high turn-over. I could have used an HR department in my life a year ago. Strippers are BIG trouble. I still love them though.

    marcus300: What style of training do you do?
    Austinite: I don't really follow any specific "style" and it changes periodically. But mostly I train body parts once every 9 days or so. Hams on a separate day than leg day and I run daily.

    marcus300; If you could pick a couple of guys from the forum to have a night out with who would you pick?
    Austinite: This is a tough question and I would like to avoid answering because I can't just pick 2.

    marcus300: If you could what would you change about yourself?
    Austinite: I would try and learn how to take time off and not worry about work. Seems to be an impossible task but that's a personality thing I believe that can't be changed.

    marcus300: Have you ever been arrested?
    Austinite: Yes. I've been arrested twice. Once when I was 17 and beat the crap out of a cab driver. Wish I could take that back. And again for driving while intoxicated in November of 2001, which was also the last time I ever had alcohol.

    marcus300: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
    Austinite: I would only want one wish and that's to be filthy rich. But if I had to choose 3, the other two would be to build the largest muscular distrophy research center on earth, and finally, to find a broad that I can live with and can live with me.

    marcus300:Can you give us a brief or detailed account of why you have been divorced twice?
    Austinite: First one was when I was 18 and married a 17 year old. I was just a dumb kid. In fact, we weren't together more than 1 month. We could have had the marriage annulled but we both forgot about it for 6 years until she needed to remarry and applied for divorce.

    The 2nd marriage was my "real" marriage. I was with her for several years. The problem (I think) was that we worked together. So we never really had any time apart. We just ended up being roommates that do their own thing. We grew apart and eventually agreed to separate for good. It was a very, very, very costly divorce.

    marcus300: Tell us more about your charity work and why and what you do?
    Austinite: Ok, now you're getting private details out of me, lol. It's alright. My favourite person in the world and my best friend was my sister. She suffered muscular dystrophy from a young age. I did everything I could to comfort her throughout her years but that was all I could do. I watched her health deteriorate over the decades until she could barely breath on her own. She passed away and that's what triggered my obsession to help out in this field.

    I help patients as often as I can. Most of my work, believe it or not is talking to them. Many have been abandoned by family or family is just not able to assist in any way. I work with a young girl that is very dear to me. She reminds me of my childhood days with my sister. And she's funny. She mimics me and says "Have a powerful day!" to everyone at the center. She has an incredible attitude and pretty smart for such a little girl. If you met her, you'd want to help her, too.

    On the opposite side, Recently I was given an opportunity to visit a prison and speak to inmates. This was a very fulfilling experience as I was welcomed heavily by the inmates. They loved seeing me there and were very interested in knowing about the "Free World". The idea here is to help guide them before they are released and possibly have some communication afterwards. This program has been helping bring the number of returned inmates down. The program works from the data I've seen. I've only been there twice now and I plan on going at least twice a month. You wouldn't think it'd be a great experience talking to people that have been locked up for 20, 30 and 40 years. But it is. It's actually fun telling them about all the technological advances they know nothing about.

    marcus300: What advice would you give to someone in their 20's about AAS use?
    Austinite: It's not easy advising a 20-something year old. You're just not on the same level and they are generally disregard your experience and knowledge. No fault of their own, we were all stubborn back in our days. But if I had a 20 year old that would listen, I would urge them to wait. AAS works very fast compared to natural building, so there shouldn't be a need to rush into it as you can get fairly quick results later.

    Be prepared to commit to potentially have permanent damage. Depending on how AAS affects you, it can be very straining on your mental state.

    20's are your best years. Just enjoy them, have fun, go out, date a lot of people, whatever. I wouldn't worry about AAS in my 20's if I could go back.

    If you insist, follow advice of experienced people, use caution and stick to basic and safe cycling. You have plenty of time to get big, no need to do it all at once and take a various amount of steroids, it just complicates things.

    marcus300: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    Austinite: Not much different than today, really. Working a lot. hoping to expand to 3 locations for my supplement store by 5 years time. Retirement age lately has been well beyond 62, and I'd like to retire before that. Hopefully in 5 years I can finally find a perfect piece of land so I can start building my dream home.

    marcus300 What first attracted you to this forum?
    Austinite: Other forums brought me here. Not by referral, but buy the lack of knowledge and the dominant and very young demographic. Running into that on many forums, I went out to search for a better home over and over again. I started lurking on this forum for a few weeks before I decided to join in. Watching people respectfully debate topics, providing research material and debunking major studies just made me smile. I wanted to be a part of this community.

    marcus300: You stated that you actually wrote your suicide letter when you was younger. This is very sad to hear coming from a guy like yourself.
    I understand the issues you were going through but to get that low is another level. What actually stopped you from doing it? who was the letter to? and what advice would you give to someone who had similar thoughts?
    Austinite: Well the letter wasn't written to anyone specific. I mentioned several people in it. I was drenched in tears by the end of writing the letter. Weeping like a little girl uncontrollably. It's pretty crazy when you know you're about to die and everything will be over. I thought I would feel some relief, but I got an overwhelming feeling of selfishness. I had a little brother that needed me and sister that needed me more. All I wanted to do at that moment was go see them. That was a turning point for me and things have been great since then. I still have the letter in my safe. I've read it a couple times since then.

    I like to think of myself as a strong person because I was able to talk myself out of it. Most people need someone else to talk them out of it. Which is true considering most attempts are a mere cry for help/attention. I don't think anyone wants to die.

    My advice wouldn't be relevant much because everyone has different reasons and different levels of commitment. But if I had to, I'd say stop and think of how much hurt you would cause people that know you. They don't deserve to suffer so you can end your misery. If there's a will there's a way. How many stories can we all tell about how miserable life was one day? Maybe even several segments of our lives were miserable. It's all history, that's why they are stories we can tell. Look forward to tomorrow, things have to get bad before they get better; it's a balance.

    marcus300: I would like to thank you for being so open and honest with your answers. I have immense respect for you in so many ways. Is there anything else you would like to say to the members before I move over to the members questions?
    Austinite: The respect is very mutual, Marcus. I wish I would have found this forum sooner than I did, but it's been an incredible journey. I've gone through major life changes including not having a job for 6 months while a member here. It's crazy to think that some folks online influenced your real life, but it's true, and for that reason I am loyal and will always be here for the members as this community grows. I've had ups and downs, just like real life. I look forward to many years to come.

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    members questions

    members question: I'd love to learn about the avatar pics. Who dat? Is that Austinite?? Austinite's lady?? Stock photos from Google??
    Austinite: Dana Bailey, a popular female bodybuilder.

    members question: What is your personal supplement protocol?
    Austinite: Protocol listed here:

    members question: what are your hobbies?
    Austinite: I enjoy working on my cars. I like making them go fast. Huge fan of GM engines so I like to modify them with cams, superchargers, longtube headers and everything else you could imagine. I love doing the work myself and can spend days working on a single project. I drag race when I can and always try to beat my previous 1/4 mile numbers. So far I've managed to take a 6000 lb SUV to 12.88 secs and working on getting below 12 secs.
    Other than cars, I go to the shooting range once a week which is always a good time. And I enjoy improving my home threater system for the best sound quality possible. Pretty boring all together I guess, but that's about it outside of the health-world.

    members question: what are your future goals
    Austinite: Pretty broad question but I think it was previously answered. A wife, retirement, dream home, etc...

    members question: where did you get your knowledge of aas, supps etc?
    Austinte: Curiosity that led to research and interaction with others. I find the topics very interesting. Many of my ventures started from negative feedback on supplements. It seemed that news articles were more and more claiming that things we consume regularly are bad for us. So I started to seek ways to debunk them. These debunking attempts will send you into a world of research and data. I like writing about all of them as it helps me retain the information. I don't always get it right, but I certainly enjoy doing it. I've stayed up countless days researching and talking to folks on and offline. Also being in the gym for so many years you run into a lot of people with similar interests.

    Several years ago I opened a supplement store. I wanted to be very different from the masses. I wanted to have the most knowledgeable staff on board. I wanted people to walk out of my store with a product every time, and a memory worthy of a good review and/or a referral. With those standards, I had no choice but to understand all of the products I sell and to stay ahead of my own employees who can be challenging!

    I created a line of products which consists of 6 products. Supplements, pre workouts, etc... and it took 2 years to develop and perfect them. Lots of smart people were involved and helped me along the way.

    members question: who do you admire, forum and in life?
    Austinite: I admire Dana Bailey. Surprise? She is the definition of "Pushing beyond your limits". She has a heart that not many people have.

    I have a business partner that has influenced me in a positive way like no other. He lives a very healthy lifestyle and is successful beyond many people's imagination, in all aspects. Very impactful and I would hate to lose him as a friend or business partner.

    members question: what a day in the life of Austinite look like?

    Austinite: The last year or so my schedule changed drastically. I used to train late and now I train super early so my that changed my entire day.
    Wake up at 4am, make coffee and watch news briefly,then I go to gym. Done by 5:30am. Stop for breakfast on the way home. Several times a week I meet with a good friend of mine at Starbucks before going back home. I used to date her and we are very close friends now.

    I get home and ready for work. I work from 7 till around 7pm. Usually 6 days a week, sometimes I'll go several weeks without a day off, but I do leave early on some days. I fly out of town a couple times per month so I'm always packing a bag and rushing to airports.

    Every Saturday morning I have a meeting at my supplement store with my staff.

    After work I get dinner somewhere and end up at home by 8pm. I get online and watch TV for an hour or 2. I work a little bit creating goals for the store staff. Then it's injections and off to bed.

    members question:Have you ever had a threesome or foursome with strippers?
    Austinite: yes.

    members question: Are you male, female or transgender?
    Austinite: Male.

    members question: why the avatar of female bodybuilder all the time?
    Austinite: No specific reason. Just started with a picture of Dana and it stuck. So now it's my "thing" to rotate her images.

    members question: would you post a picture of what you look like face not required?
    Austinite: Nope. Why would you want to see a pigmented body anyway... Regardless, I would never post my pictures online. Not that there is anything wrong with that in general, but this is a steroid forum and one of the last places I want my pictures up. It's also too risky for me for the sake of my businesses. I have zero interest in sharing my pictures.

    members question
    : Do you see yourself ever settling down with a nice lady or did some tw4t ruin you forever?
    Austinite: Yes, maybe one day. Previous relationships certainly created a "Wall" for me, so I am far more cautious than I used to be, and that may be why my progress with finding the right broad has been slow.

    members question
    : Have any of your girlfriends cheated on you and if so how did it feel, serious question.
    Austinite: Not really, but it felt like it was cheating. This is when we broke up and within a week she was seeing someone else. We were apart, but it still hurt deeply. I hated life for a while but I am over all of that.

    members question: You seem like a generous person? What is your favourite charity and why?
    Austinite: Several charities are pretty good. It's important to find the ones that give the needy the majority of the donations. You can also look at the CEO's and see how much their salaries are compared to how much they give. Don't be a sucker. For example...

    Salvation Army gives 0.93 cents for every dollar received. Their CEO Salary is only $13,000. This is a place worth donating to. Ronald McDonald houses and Make a wish foundation are also good ones.
    Goodwill is the worst place to donate to. They give 0.08 cents on the dollar and the CEO salary is 2.3 million dollars. UNICEF, United Way and the Red Cross are also garbage.

    Anyway, as for what I spend my donation dollars on, it all goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Most other diseases and hardships get lots of attention, this one seems to be somewhat forgotten and never spoken about.

    members question: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with supplements and compounds. What was your best discovery and why?
    Austinite: I have found several things through studies that have been pretty amazing to me. If I had to choose one, I'd say Cialis is the most impactful for me. Benefits just don't stop and more and more is discovered as we learn more about it.

    I did discover something unique about Raloxifene as a recovery agent when coupled with another non-SERM compound. I have tons of data logged that I did with a urologist from Houston and a subject. Unfortunately, we both ran our of time and funding to finalize it but we still speak and plan on finishing the study. The more you get into it the more expensive it becomes. No real details until something comes to a head.

    members question: How lean do you like to stay year round, and are you a fan of clean bulking at all times(since you do not compete)?
    Austinite: I like staying below 14%. Ideally 12% would be nice but it's not as easy as it was a decade ago! Clean bulking.... is there such a thing? I don't really bulk anymore, I maintain mostly. But when I do feel I need to gain a few lbs, I eat plenty (not always clean) and introduce T3 to my regimen.

    members question: Do you believe in that, less is more w/AAS?
    Austinite: I believe that if you are not planning on stage and competing, then yes, less is more. Which I believe is the majority. If you want to be lean at 260+ lbs, obviously "Less is more" will not work for you. It takes a lot to get really big and it takes a whole lot to maintain a large size. Most of our members are new to the AAS world or have only been doing it for a few years, to them I say.... Less is more! It's a journey, not a sprint.

    members question: Be honest, do you prefer SBC'ing as opposed to standard(10-14wk cycles)??
    Austinite: Personally I don't do either anymore. I never really did short bursts. Did a run last year with heavy doses and stopped after a few weeks. Didn't feel very good. But either way works if you do it right. If I had to choose, I would blast for 10 weeks and back to TRT. Nowadays I might do this ones every year to year and a half. My heavy cycling days are over.

    members question: It's obvious your a private person, but I hear lots of stories regarding strippers and glitter... Care to elaborate
    Austinite: lol. meh, I don't do that anymore. Those days were fun though and they weren't too long ago! But yes, I had a real addiction to strippers. I did not want to date any broad that wasn't a stripper. I was just drawn to that look and experience somehow. Big trouble.

    members question: You seem to have been around a long time, who has been the most memorable member and who had been the biggest you seen?
    Austinite: Marcus , Kelkel and Ronnie Rowland are big dudes. Very inspirational, even if I don't want to get that big. I understand exactly what it takes to get that big and it's not a task most people can handle.
    Everyone is memorable in their own way.

    members question: You are known as one of the boards most knowledgeable members (as well as private, so thank you for doing this interview), and your in-depth understanding of a vast array of topics is more than impressive and has helped countless people here. Did you go to school for physiology or another form of science? Where and how did you gain the knowledge you possess and have been able to share with us here?
    Austinite: I think I answered this. Thanks for the kind words but I am among many knowledgeable members who have inspired and challenged me over the years. No history of schooling. I have a business degree. lol. But again, my life switched lanes so many times over the years and eventually ended up where I am today. I always feel I missed my calling. I would have loved to be an Endocrinologist. But again, interest and owning a store that sells health products keeps me on my toes.

    members question: Are you really having an affair with Igifuno's wife?
    Austinite: Well, Igifunu's wife and I have played together in the past. But he is aware of those times so it's not really an affair. He's a pretty open minded guy and I appreciate that.

    members question:
    Have you ever worn ladies underwear?
    Austinite: Stupid question. Of course. Kelkel purchased them for me for Xmas 2013.

    members question: There have been some great arguments over the years on here, what have been the best you seen?
    Austinite: TRT protocols have been most interesting to me. Popular guys like Crisler and Scally have made for tons of debating online, by them and their followers. Serum levels, stability and hCG benefits have been the most interesting to me.

    members question You don't seem to post often like you use to why is that, do you get sick of answering the same questions?
    Austinite: I would love to be able to spend the time on here that I want. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes. It has nothing to do with repetitive questions, although those can get a bit annoying when they are in the very same thread, lol. I work a lot more hours these days than I did in the past. That's the only reason I post less. But I think that my articles are still being visited heavily and folks are still active in those threads so there is still some good out there.

    members question: Has anything been up your anus other than the obvious?
    Austinite: No.

    members question
    : What's it like being a member of staff on this forum and what are the staff like behind their forum personality?
    Austinite: It's great being a staff member. Staff members are really not any different behind their usernames. They're all cool folks and have a passion for the industry. We've had some issues with somes staff members in the past and the Admins are always fair as they hold us to the same standards as you. Lots of decisions are made jointly and we have a really solid team.

    members questions:
    Who do you think is the most wise member? who do you think is the most knowledgeable on steroids ? who do you think is the biggest most muscular on the forum? who do you think is the one who has the most mental health issues?
    Austinite: I'm not going to play the category game here. So I'll just give credit to Bonaparte. He's quite the knowledge base for a young man. I wouldn't mind picking his brain over a cup of coffee. It took a while to realize that he really isn't an asshole, he just talks like that. lol. But really, a good source of information and an amazing ability to simplify complex discussions. He's usually the first to point out what everyone else is missing. I just wish he would let me crop that white space on top of his avatar off. I'll do it for free.

    members question: How do you get to be a staff member on here?
    Austinite: You certainly don't ask for it. Whether it's been mentioned to you or not, everything you do is being noted. There's always discussion among staff members about members and how disruptive or helpful they are. If you show signs of being helpful and work well with other members, you will be promoted to blue, then we continue to watch and as your knowledge base expands you will become red. Some longevity helps these days and if you continue to contribute positively your chances of being chosen increase drastically. But really, don't worry about impressing anyone, just be yourself.

    members question: Your the most private staff member on the forum, why is that? why don't you ever show a picture of yourself?
    Austinite: Well, I don't think I am the most private. Several members know a lot about me. I just generally don't care to share my most personal details for the betterment of my safety. I already answered the picture question.

    members question: You have a vast knowledge on steroids, how did you learn so much and who was your mentor?
    Austinite: Already answered the first part. There are many influential members here that have impacted my know-how.
    Marcus, Kelkel, BG, Jimmyinkedup, Hazard, Bonaparte, Magic, Matt, Ronnie, Powerlift Mike, Flagg, Sgt. Hartman, Gbrice and Back in Black Probably missed a few, that's why I don't like these questions, lol.

    In closing, I'd like to thank Marcus and all of you for the interview and questions. It's been a fun ride with this forum and I look forward to many many years to come as we evolve. I hope that you all see that I am an advocate for men and women's health, not for the credit but for the influence I would hope to see you receive. People that are not on this forum are possibly uninformed and it would be nice to see you impact someones life positively. Too many people disrespect their bodies by treating them poorly. Your body has managed to keep you alive so far through a complex circulatory system that many couldn't even possibly fathom understanding. Give it the respect it deserves and don't abuse it. It'll keep you alive longer

    Have a powerful day!

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