Hey guys, i just wanted to get a thread going on current thoughts about young people and depression. To start off

My girlfriend suffered/still slightly suffers depression from a few years ago/ was on meds/ssris to control it, she is better now but still comes and goes.
Her sister is now fully going thru it, checks herself into hospital and is on serequeol or whatever it is and others. Also my younger brother suffered from it and has gone thru the last few years using ICE, smoking lots of weed regularly and is now taking xanax, hes out of work and this is making him more and more depressed.

Why is it that young people these days, suffer more and more depression and the likes? I know it was around back in the 60s and 70s when my parents were growing up but surely it wasnt as big/recognised as a ilness back then?

I honestly will say i dont know enough about all this stuff to really offer an intelligent opinion about it, but im curious on your guys thoughts as to why its so much more mainstream now days.

Im not happy with my brother living the life he is now, ive told him to get off Weed, any drugs he is on and try and clean up, he always says yes yes then tells me last night he picked up some weed from his mate, its also got to do with the fact all his mates are either drug users/ or casual drug users. Maybe im being hypocritical as im very anti- rec drugs, i hate the things but i use lots of steroids . Either way there completely different in my book.

Surely being around people that smoke weed/ do reccy drugs even things like xanax and stuff cant be a good influence on yourself.