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    I was fortunate enough to wash dishes in a lab that was involved in lots of genetic analysis and gene splicing etc. Everything from PCR applifications to plasmid vectoring and so on. In science it was thought that gene transmission was a very linear process in that genes from one organisms could only be transmitted via sexual, asexual reproduction or viral insertion. We did understand that bacteria could pick up small pieces of foreign dna and use them in their own genome to some extent.

    Fast forward to 2016 and we are finding out that genetic transmission is a lot more complex. For example, it was just discovered that soma to gamete transmission of genetic material can be seen in mammals. This probably means nothing to most people, however it gives tremendous weight to the idea of a "genetic memory" being passed along directly from parent to offspring. In effect, every decision, behavior, disease or otherwise could directly effect the genome of the offspring outside of the Mendelion principles of inheritance.
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