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Thread: Thought this was kind of interesting...

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    Thought this was kind of interesting...

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    Interesting, and i think its fine.. Free country and there's growing acceptance and now even proof that legal weed is beneficial to communities.

    Don't quote me on this but I believe some city in CO recently put millions of weed tax $ into local schools, which is wonderful to hear.

    As it relates to my personal extra curricular activities which definitely includes gym training and "may or may not" include cannabis use, I would personally not be interested in combining the two.
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    When it does become legalized here in CA, for me personally @ 57, I will be using it some evenings to ease body pain from working out & as a sleep aid. If I am not incorrect, there is a movement in the NFL to allow it for player usage to recover from the pain associated with the sport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by almostgone
    I actually heard about that on the radio the other day but didn't know that Ricky Williams is going to run it
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