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Thread: Muscle relaxers

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    Muscle relaxers

    I've heard nsaids like Motrin have negative effects on protein synthesis. I was just wondering if muscle relaxers pose any problems?

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    I just read a article yesterday that said stay away from Nsaids and Ibprofin beacuse they hinder recovery.Just something I found going through some power lifting articles.

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    Muscle relaxers are quite a diverse group.
    Many of them with the possibility of tolerance/addiction.
    It's really impossible to say for muscle relaxers in general,
    as many comes with their own specific side effects.

    NSAIDS are not muscle relaxers,
    but affects COX1 & COX2 enzymes as well as some others to varying degrees.
    Prostaglandins (NSAIDs inhibit their production) have been implicated in muscle growth, but whether NSAIDs actually have any real life interference with muscle growth im not sure on.

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