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Thread: 5 stars for NYPD

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    5 stars for NYPD

    I know how people like to post bad things about. Here is my first experience with NYPD. I was running on fumes when I pay for the tunnel ( why I was running that low was another story) as soon as I paid , wife saw a cop and wave to him, he came over and I explained the situation for him and also told him that I am afraid that car will run out of fuel and stuck in the tunnel, he replied no worries I can get you out of here no problem. And he step right in the traffic , another officer came to help . Then he went to other side make the way for me, told me to take another tunnel and the gas station is .8 mile away to my left. He was dead on. I was so worried that I be stuck with young kids in the tunnel so NYPD and that particular officer thank you.

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    You got very lucky bro most are pricks I have never had a problem with LE I always go out of my way to be nice but those guys plus the court system are as corrupt as they come.

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    NYPD are good guys for sure.

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