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Thread: marcus interviews Clarky

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    marcus interviews Clarky

    marcus300: For the members who don't know which country are you from and how do you like living there?
    Clarky: I live in Central Scotland in the UK, this is home to me. I have wild country all round me and love it. The weather is pure pish though .

    marcus300: What do you do for a living and what would be your ideal job?
    Clarky: I am in Construction, i love my job i really do. The only thing that is bad about it is the weather. Ideal job ? I think i would like to get back into welding i did that for a few years when i was younger and loved it.

    marcus300: Are you married and do you have children?
    Clarky: I have two daughters, not married at this time. I fancy it like but fuck knows

    marcus300: What are your current stats and what would be your ideal ones?
    Clarky: At this time ehh a fat fuck trying hard Really though bf is a wee bit high just now am putting it down to holiday weight from july hahaha i never use scales ever i go with the mirror but i think i've got one of them funny ones from the fair hahaha. I really really have no idea on what i would like to be, i will tell yous when i get there because i will feel amazing and good.

    marcus300: How long have you been training and what are your goals?
    Clarky:I only started training when i joined this forum, i used to be a very,( wait a min kel close your eyes :/ kel i see you peeking) right as i was saying i used to be a very keen runner, i loved it and did it for years. My knees are minced so that's when i took up lifting.

    marcus300:How many cycles have you done and when did you first start taking steroids ?
    Clarky: I have ran a few say hmmm i really don't know lol
    A few were no go's pure nonsense very very low dosed shit. I started using AAS when i joined this site, i remember the very first cycle, pro chem tri test my source just said take 1ml 2x wk and that was it then he told me to take 1mg of adex a day joke i know but i never knew any better, i posted it here and you can imagine Austs reply lol. Horrid eh...

    marcus300: What have been your happiest times of your life?
    Clarky: Without a doubt the day my wee girls were born, nothing will ever come close. I have had lots of happy times in life like us all.

    marcus300: What have been the lowest times of your life?
    Clarky: The day i moved out of my house leaving my ex, that ment i had to leave my girls for a short time that felt like years to me. They are everything to me everything, then when i lost my Father.

    This was something else and i still suffer to this day, its been over 2 years now and its so fucking hard, i can't talk about this sorry..

    marcus300: If you could go back in time what one thing would you do different?
    Clarky: Be a better son, i was a wee cunt when i was a teen. I thought i knew better. Did a fuck..

    marcus300: If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
    Clarky: PM of the UK, i want to see what these lying bastards get upto.

    marcus300: Have you ever took rec drugs?
    Clarky: Yes late teens throug to late 20's. Smoked Green and used amphetamine now and then.

    marcus300: How did you first get into training?
    Clarky: When i stopped running i tried weights and really enjoyed it, it will never change now through my choice.

    marcus300: Whats been your best cycle so far?
    Clarky: Tren A on its own, loved it.

    marcus300: How much does training take priority over your life and now or in the past?
    Clarky: Training is up there, i train after work at night so not really anything gets in my way.

    marcus300: Why do you come on the forum daily and what's your journey been like here?
    Clarky: I love this place, i come here to learn from everyone. Some days i don't post much i just go through all the sub forums reading. I have had a great journey so far and i am having a great time here, i feel good if i can help someone there is some very daft ppl out there with stupid advice.

    marcus300: What makes you angry?
    Clarky: Lots of things, i do have a anger problem. If someone talks to me like a cunt i just can't shut my mouth. Bullying, there is no need for that. That really pisses me off, skum that lift there hands to ladies, i would pull the fucking limbs off them where they stood if i seen that.

    marcus300: Who would you like to have dinner with on the forum and also have a training session with?
    Clarky: Dinner and train You, AG, Kel , Nach, BIB < only if not grumpy Song, GGR, D, Cape, DCI, Aust,. I bet av forgot someone

    marcus300: This is a personal favourite of mine.....why do you go fishing?
    Clarky: haha, ok i got into fishing when i was around 11-12 ish and loved it. See it's just not about the fishing its being in the country and getting away from life just for the few hours you have. It's hard to explain to ppl who don't like it. You would like it promise you can even put them back haha

    members question: What does a day in the life of Clarky look like. Both weekday and weekend.
    Clarky: Work then gym, home Tea then if my girls need or want to go out we do. If not then i just stay at home and watch a wee bit tele with the mrs. Wk end same work saturday morning to afternoon then go for a session then take my girls out. Home have T with ma mrs then see what we are doing.

    members question
    : Who does he admire, both personally and professionally.
    Clarky: professionally my boss, he has showed me loads and spent a lot of time with me at work. Personally my mrs she a smart wee fucker

    members question: Where does he see himself in 10 years, 20 years, etc.
    Clarky: Fat fighters Really i hope to be still doing this, only if i am smart and listen to my body.

    members question: what’s your favorite compound and stack and why?
    Carky : Tren A along with my TRT, best i ever had and will be doing it again and again.

    members question: Are you religious?
    Carky: Not at all.

    members question: what gets your mindset where it needs to be in your to do HIT?
    Clarky: I train straight after work, so i go in there knowing what i really need to do i need to beat last wk weights.

    members question: what makes you u want to continue to do this day in and day out? It gets rough on the body but we don’t care we want that size so what drives you
    Carky:I have a vision in my head what i want to look like, it is nothing silly so very do able, i will listen to my body and look after it the best i can. With the help i get on here i should be lifing weight for a very long time to come.

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