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    Any one have any feel good songs? Songs that make you happy?

    Been feeling very low and down lately. What are some good songs that boost your mood?

    Here are some of my favourites logic 1800 (suicide awareness song) 25 to life - Eminem when im gone (eminem) find yourself (zyzz soundtrack) ill find you (lecrae christian rapper)

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    When im drinking beers with my boys and they notice me start to fade (im like an old man in usually in bed by 11) they just crank the hell song by sum41 and i usually perk right up lol. Then we proceed to shotgun bottom shelf domestic beers.

    This music video was made by a fan. They had a contest for who could make the best music video and this is what won lol. Pretty impressive video editing for some kids back in the early 2000's.

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