enough of this stoneage vhs bullshit!!!
here's the convo....

Yes, we are working on some new different titles. Something come out most
likely in September. All titles come out in the future, it will be done it
by DVD format only. We can't tell the titles until when we finish the
production. Please check www.mocvideo.com sometime in September. Thank you
very much for your support!

I've done shooting with Jay. I will schedule to visit Ronnie in the second
week of August, and following week I will be at Jacksonville Florida for
Dexter. More to come.

> From:
> Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 19:12:19 GMT
> To:
> Subject: video question?
> do you have any of these videos on DVD?it is impossible to find BB videos
> dvd!!i feel like i'm in the stone age every time i try to order something
> a company and they tell me it's all VHS!are you aware of anyone that does
> produce these titles on dvd?
> thank you for your help

there's an article this month on him in musclemag too, even though that mag blows dick.anyway, just wanted to share for anyone like me who wants to see a bb'er vid w/o having to fast forward and rewind shit like i'm 10 years old again!!