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Thread: **Official tricep thread**

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    **Official tricep thread**

    What your best tricep exercises for building strength, size and mass to create those hose shoe tri's?

    Lets create a thread what will help those who suffer with under development or who want freaky tri's - lets talk injuries, what movements are you using to produce serious size

    Have you made any serious development over the yrs through your style or certain movements

    Any questions any members may have lets answer them, one way doesn't fit all but hopefully this thread will help give you an overall view whats working with results.
    *Anyone wanting a source check from a willing vet/mod must first acquire 100 posts and 45 days of activity*

    “Carrying a set to a point where you are forced to utilize 100 percent of your momentary ability is the single most important factor in increasing size and strength"--- Mike Mentzer

    “one set to failure is all that is required to stimulate an increase in strength and size – with no number of lesser sets having the same effect” – Mike Mentzer

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    Nacho got me doing French Press and skull crushers. Size was almost imediate. Really adds thick meaty muscle.

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    Skull crushers and incline kickbacks are favorite for tri's.
    I had tendonitis in my right elbow and it was just about impossible to do most tricep exercises but nothing tb500 didn't take care of.

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    One hand OH DB ext and two hand.
    V bar cable ext

    Skull crusher is best imo but my elbows hurt bad foing that so I either wait till last exercise or do JM presses.

    Tris were worst. Only got them to really grow this year

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    Dips, reversed grip bench, behind head dumbell raises, cable rope pull downs, and I agree on skull crushers

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    Just do tons of chest

    They have no choice but to play ball

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