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Thread: I love my gut

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    I love my gut

    I got done working out, drinking a lot of water. Of course I looked at myself in the mirror and was trying on a shirt that now does not fit. I looked in the mirror again all relaxed and noticed how big and round my belly has gotten. It actually made me laugh. It looked like I had a baby in my belly. My gut has never been this big. Im only 3 weeks into my cycle too. Damn. Im gonna have to tell people I am having twins or something like that. Sit ups are not gonna help this out much.
    The reason I can laugh about my big round gut is I can lose it just as fast, I hope.
    Any suggestions. I didnt think with my body type that I would need to consider a cutting cycle. I never even did research on it.

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    You should see the gut as an investment! Do you now how many beers and pringles it has taken to shape it? Alot of $$ when you think about huh?
    Now go get a lipo and sell that shit to tyler durden so he can make soap/bombs out of it and blow up the IRS building. Your helping making a new America! Your a hero bro!

    And wtf am i on?

    Start taking some morningwalks bro, they work really good.

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    L-argenine, primo, and swimming will melt off. VERY SERIOUS

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