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Thread: Beverly Hills Private Vault Raided By Feds

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    Beverly Hills Private Vault Raided By Feds

    Here is a link to an article to give you an idea of what’s going on-
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    I think talking to the lawyer is your best strategy. What I wouldn't do is talk about the case at all with people, much less post about it on a steroids site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GymHero View Post
    Here is a link to an article to give you an idea of what’s going on-

    My dad and I had items in the vault. We have already contacted the FBI and are waiting to here back from an agent. We have proof of all the items in the box and where it came from legally. We have never been involved in any criminal activity as the article states the majority of box holders have. We both feel our rights have been violated from this raid. We are currently looking into hiring a lawyer to move forward. Not sure if the agent will contact us soon and check out our proof that shows we obtained the items legally or if it will be a long battle and a lawyer will be needed. Either way this is unconstitutional. We would like to get a lawyer that is already representing others who had their box seized. I feel the majority were normal people just storing their goods and had nothing to do with the owners criminal activity. Any advice on moving forward with this situation would be appreciated. Wanting to vent as well, just found out about this earlier today.
    Man, that's seriously fucked up.

    They took all the boxes, owned by various people without having any knowledge or warrants of the individuals who owned those boxes.

    Yes, sir, thats unconstitutional.

    Welcome to the DNC ruled America

    Good luck brother

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