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    Indiana. My phallus is bigger than Nathan's!

    my conclusion about Nathan

    now, ive been on AR long enough to realize, Nathan needs to write a screenplay. Can you imagine the movie? Titled something like: 'Life according to Nathan" or "About Nathan" or " The children of the Nathan'
    s abnormally large penis". Or even maybe " 13 bald jeanine garofalo's, a purple space monkey, and a 4 chinese hamster ovaries" (The last is my fav!) What a psychedelic trip it would be to see on the silver screen. That is only 'cause the screens aren't mauve. or fuscia, i've always been partial to fuscia. and cornflower, but you only get that color in the 64 pack of crayons.

    I figure the movie would be the best when tripping. kind of like how you are supposed to watch the monkees movie or the Pink Floyd movie. You drop a hit, watch the movie and find out about the nature of the universe. I'm sure Nathan would use his physics knowledge to teach everybody about quarks, baryons, QCD, string theory, and silly string theory. Hell he may even come up with a Unified theory of Nathan. Of course like strings it only works in a multidimensional universe. something like 9-D. Maybe thats why he thinks so odd.. he really is a martian who exists in 9-D. Thats also explains why dropping the LSD would help. or just pick ujp a pair of 9-D glasses and watch. Wicked!

    Anyway, Im moving to Indiana tomorrow and will be out of touch for a few weeks. Not that I was really in touch. Well, with myself I was, buts thats a privates matter


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    I hope to write a book one day, and I'd like to think it will get adapted into a screenplay. Right now though I'm working on getting published and geting paid for it too, albeit not as hard as I should be. Anyways, in the event that I do you'll hear all about it. I'll legally change my name to GOD (all in caps too) and everything. And I'll stop wearing pants altogether because people will chalk it up to my eccentricities. Little do they realize, however, that disliking pants and everything they represent, namely a complete covering-up of genitalia, is a totally normal outlook to have.

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