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    Jdawg50's Orothopedic Clean bill of health!

    Most of you know I had a really bad accident just about two years ago.
    For those of you who don't, I was shot in the leg with a .45 handgun. It blew my femur apart, and took me a long ass time to recover.
    Yesterday I was told by my Orthopod that I have great bone growth and can do anything I want with the leg. (I dont think I'll be doing 500lbs squats anytime soon, but it was great news. This means I can run, ski, hike etc. Needless to say I'm pretty happy. The x-rays looked great, the only funny thing was for the first time (female) x-ray tech got a nice shot of my Shlong for the first time. Not sure why, it was the first time they had included the shlong in the x-ray? That really did wonders for my ego btw.
    Anyway, I ran today for the first time.... 2 mins on the treadmill at 4.5-5.5 mphs. I cramped up sooooo bad an had to stop, but the leg felt great.
    Thanks for the support over the past year bros

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    It´s great your recovering bro

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    Congrats bro!


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    I bet that x-ray tech got a huge kick out seeing your wee wee baby gerkin pickle,

    On another note, good to see your back in action!! Just dont shot yourself again!!

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    good to hear bro!

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