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Thread: Identity theft

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    Identity theft

    Has this ever happened to anyone? A buddy of mine was a victim. Has close to $20,000 worth of bills that aren’t his. He filled out a police report to get it off his credit report. The cops told him they really can’t do much for him, probably won’t ever catch the person. It will take about 4 weeks before it’s off his credit report. Anyone know anything about it? What he can do?

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    If it's really off of his credit report in 4 months, I'd be surprised. I know a couple of people that have had something like this haunt them for years. I don't know what the right thing to do to make it go away is, but I know you have to stay on top of it and be VERY persistent.



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    Rob tell your friend to go to this site and do exactly what they tell u.
    It happend to a friend of mine also and but because of the advice on this site he straightend everything out pretty quick.

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    Hey bro, happened to me a few months back. SuckS!! Make sure he puts a fraud alert on his credit. That way if someone trys to do it again they have to call him to verify its him before they issue the credit. Good luck!!


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