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    did anybody watch the last k-1 tournament...Carter Williams was freakin huge! Even the announcers could not get over how big he was, they were calling him quadzilla and everthing. If he didn't juice I'll.......well never mind what I would do the point is it was obvious as hell.

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    whats up with tyson in k-1, and whats up with don king getting into mma?

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    I was actually in Vegas last week and went to the K-1 fighting and Carter Williams is very jacked. How about Sapp that guy is HUGE!! Anyway seeing Mike Tyson jump in the ring and want to fight Sapp was crazzzzzzyyyy!!!! Everyone went nutts to see Tyson want to fight Sapp. Overall the entire night was good all the fights were intresting even though I dont follow the K-1 fighting my friends do I just went was fun

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