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    Der Teacher, please excuse little johnny...

    Dear Mr. Hosinbeest,

    Please excuse little Johnny from class today. Johnny's father Tom passed away on Friday...Poor Johnny, where to start...
    Well, for him to have found his father covered in all that latex..and in such a ...precarious...position, well, who would have thought gravity could be so defied? It was surely a sight his young mind could not comprehend. Oh, and those his father set up around the room, oh my...all of them sitting or leaning against the cupboards, heads inclined to cups set in their hands, and little if it were tea time at Greenland Morgue and they were just waiting for the scones to be served. But for Johnny to walk in just as his father yelled "Mine! All Mine!", the music hit the chorus, and his heart gave way...I can't imagine what went through the poor boy's mind.

    I always thought Tom's Friday night "poker games" were a way for him to enjoy the company of friends, him being a mortician and all. He was such a quiet sweet man, who could have known about his "thaw" sessions?
    That aside, with the heat cranked, music blaring and all the stiffs out, Johnny blundered in looking for his father when he saw his car parked outside. We've calmed him down enough to attend school, although we had a time at the local Denny's on Sunday when "Come on Eileen" played on their sound system. He's doing "better than expected" according to the psychiatrists, but I'd be horrified to find out what kind of fit the smell would send him, well, I'm afraid today's Biology dissection will just have to be skipped.

    Thank you,
    Little Johnny's Mother

    Wow... someone had to imagine that! :eep:


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    That is really twisted, but funny. Who has that kind of mind?

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