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    Check this squirelly shit out!

    So last night.....

    Me and this girl that Im dating got into it...Small arguement..I admit I was mostly at fault...but thats irrellevant..

    Afterwards, a buddy and I go to the local dive bar to have a drink!

    We sit and bullshit, play a few games of pool...

    Then this dude that knows me and my roommates who was at my roommates bday party a while back, walks up to me and tells me that he DOESNT like me.

    I Tell him Im sorry if i did anything to piss him off and give him the good old shit eating grin (I went thru anger management as I would have normally killed him for that alone)...

    Then he wont lay the fuck off me at all. Gets in my face, stands closer than my women does when we kiss...So I ask him why he's pissed the fuck of at me.

    Ends up he was trying to score with my roommate on her bday and he says that I fucked up his game as well as took advantage of her...

    Shit....Asshole doesnt know what the fuck he was talking about!

    My roommate was falling down drunk and we live together, so of course I'll watch out for her...

    But most importantly...I guess he doesnt know.....SHE A LESBIAN...When I took her home...A friend went with us and they went right to bed.

    So instead of trying to explain all this and end up killing the son of a bitch behind the bar with my buddy....who also had a REALLY BAD night! I leave and call it a night!

    Just wanted to get that of my chest....Asshole ruined my night out after I got into it with the little lady........And all I wanted to do was have a few beers and play some pool.

    This dude was old fat and fucking hammered...I couldnt just tear him apart...

    Or should I have??????


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    Bloc, naaa bro you did the right thing. Although you could have thrown in that fact concerning your room mate................naaa better to let that fool try again and watch as he gets shot down.

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    shudda dropped his ass... JMO

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    Juggs right, ya did the right thing.

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    This happened to me not too long ago. I told a guy he was a shitty tipper and then he started talking shit to his bigger buddy with their back to me so I confronted me and this guy had liquied courage like a mother. I out weighed him by a good 30 lbs and could have killed him. I walked away though. Good move bloc

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    nice job bloc thank god for A.M. classes if not for them id be in alot of trouble cause i had a bad temper..Who would of thought some classes would change you so much..

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    i would have been PISSED! nice job though.

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    i think you did right. like jugg said i would have laughed and told him she's a lesbian.

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    Way to keep your cool bloc....u did the right's better to walk away takes a big person to step back and leave....still I would have to informed him about the lesbian thing.....he would have looked like a bigger ass then.

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    Right there I would have said (loud enough for others to hear):

    First of all, that girl was drunk and passing out, did you want to fuck a passed out girl?! That's called RAPE! (Make sure people around him hear that shit).
    And then second of all, she's a lesbian dumbass!!

    And then smile, and walk away

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    You should have dropped him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurb999
    You should have dropped him!
    Shit man that would've sent me off. I got into a little argument with my lady earlier today and i almost pulled some fat slob out of his car for honking at me as i crossed the street.
    "Don't you know what don't walk means??"
    "How bout you get out of the car and i'll explain what i think it means to you!"

    cops on the commons... "hey, take it easy buddy..."

    lucky son of a bitch..

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