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Thread: damn hypocrites

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    damn hypocrites

    so today's rant is this: finally research is being done into the effects of testosterone for ageing. now a few fools have been opening thier mouths of late questioning the safety and efficacy of the procedure. i call them fools for the following reasons: 1) there is no research done yet! have something to back it up before you go spewing stuff. 2) most anecdotal evidence shows the positive effects and safety. now i can understand when they say anecdotes can be wrong, but lets look at the facts. efficacy: testosterone is used by athletes and bodybuilders worldwide because it makes you bigger and stronger.... it works (surprise surprise)! people with hypogonadism are proscribed test for low levels and it works and many later middle agers have blood levels at or below that termed "hypogonad" for twenty year-olds. do they think somehow everything changes by adding 30 years? Safety: hypogonad patients get this stuff for years with mild side effects. the FDA has determined that the benfits outweigh the risks. in addition, later phase studies are currently being done on a male birth control system where testerone is given to men (to make up for a lack in production due to the actual medication) and nobody seems to think twice about the safety.

    plain and simple, i am really fed up with the whole additude of "we should be pure, age with dignity, and shouldnt change the natural process so let's make sure nobody does by scaring them and legislating against it." I really wish they would just leave me alone and let me do what i want with my own body.

    anyway, that's my rant

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    I hear ya bro...

    the worst part is trying to convince some of these people to even consider the alternatives...just for a second that AS may be beneficial...people are too quick to dismiss things that they know nothing about...ignorance...

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