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Thread: Building Mass

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    Building Mass

    Hi Guys,

    I'm very new to this site and bodybuilding before i ask my question let me tell you about myself.

    I am 6ft
    42" chest
    15" arms
    19 years old
    not sure what my bf % is.
    I have been training for 4 months and I have quite a good body

    basically I want to build mass i want to get to about 200lbs so i want to put
    on about 30lbs in muscle mass (obviously ) for the moment i am not too worried about getting ripped as i say i want to build mass basically i wanted to know is it possible to achieve my goal of about 200lb 18" arms and put another 5 inches on my chest without roids?

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    Yes its very possible, especially at only 19 yrs old. Its just sad to see that someone so young and new to the iron game should even consider the question of mass without steroids .

    We have plently of people using this board who are bigger and are clean. I myself have not juiced in over 14 months now and holding 255+ lbs year round at 6'3''.

    Basically you want to lift hard and heavy. Eat right and rest. Stick around here, search the boards and see whats right for you.


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    yep...don't get in a rush to go stabbing **** into your body.

    DO get in a hurry to learn as much as you can about proper diet and nutrituion, workout routines, etc.

    You have found the right place learn a ton of info bro...take off your jacket and stay a while!!



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    Everything you'll ever want to know about bbing is on this board. Welcome!

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    Train like a beast until your at least 23yrs old. Then maybe, have your diet in check and research this site as much as possible.

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    Keep up the training..keep your diet in check, then when the time is right..hit the sauce if you feel compelled to do so.

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