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    zomax is offline New Member
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    Sep 2001

    Angry Anabolic's From Israel

    I am a prancing fairy who will never post such things as price lists again or I will be terminated with extreme prejudice and forced to use nathans method of "juicing"

    i just wanted to be able to edit something but im always to slow -oj!!

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    The Resistance
    you cant sell,buy or advertise gear on this board.
    also another thing why have you got photos from other sites. why dont you take photos of your own stuff.
    Last edited by physio_sport; 09-17-2001 at 09:47 AM.

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    Mike Guest
    Prancing fairy? Jason you're a funny boy

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    CYCLEON Guest
    thats my complements

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    Mike Guest
    was that your edit Cycleon?

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    CYCLEON Guest
    yup - then OJ sneaks up behind me to get his bit in............. hmmmmm...... that doesnt sound right
    got to be quick jason - but got to give credit to our ever watchfull members.

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    Mike Guest
    Oh ok gotcha - so Jason was sneaking up behind you to get his bit in? Cycleon - dont make me respond to this one - it's too easy - you walked right into it - I just cant do it - I wont take that one....too easy....

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    ptbyjason Guest
    I hope you two are talking about OJ because I have nothing to do with a post about a prancing fairy. I wonder what makes people think of comments like that? I don't even want to know.

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    Mike Guest
    yes we're talking bout OJ - your being a prancing fairy is not even in question

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    ptbyjason Guest
    thanks Mike, I think

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    CYCLEON Guest
    hey, where the heck are our smilies? it makes it so much more fun to abuse u guys when i have a full range of expression.

    BTW: that was my generous gift for the day.

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