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    Hey bro's someone told me to take this to get a high, plus im trying to lose a bit of fat, what do you guys think of this stuff, im on winny, clen , and cytomel . ANy advice would be greatly appreciated. THanks

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    Is that the right spelling? I'm looking on the net and I'm getting a prescription diet drug.
    My question to you is, your on winny, correct me if im wrong, but isnt that stronger than any diet drug? Sorry man, I'll leave this one to the next guy.

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    phentermine is a diet drug given to people who are really obese. it will give you an amphetamine like rush, not a high, just like a souped up ephedrine pill. it is really catabolic, so unless you are pretty obese you wont need it. but, as a weight loss drug, its the best i have ever personally seen.

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    i have a bag of them here and have took them for this before it takes away your apetite and gives u a speed like buz at first however gives u terrible headaches dry mouth and after 1to 2 weeks made me really depressed and felt like shit I wouldnt use them again (for now lol) they work to stop cravings thats it anything else I wouldnt bother I dont think they would be good on a cycle

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