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    Need help preparing my 3rd bulking cycle.

    Ok here my ? haven't finished my 2nd cycle but already planning my 3rd.
    My first cycle was 200mg of primo a wk for 8wks and 250mg of sust of wk for 8wks. 2nd cycle which i'm on wk 6 is 500mg of sust and 400mg of deca a wk for 8wks and 30mg of d-bol for 6wks. I just got a cold so i haven't eaten much lately but i've gone from 193-210. which is pretty good. In my 3rd cycle i was thinking along the lines of sust and eq maybe with some winstrol or d-bol can any one suggest and new real good cycles

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    I would go sustanon and Dbol and run either Eq with it or run winney every singal day so that your gains will be more quality.
    But maybe i am wrong to. any ways

    peace out

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