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Thread: deca or sus

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    Question deca or sus

    As a first cycle, what would be better to take just by itself sus or deca ? I seen on the steroid effectiveness chart that deca had all the same results as sus as far as strength and weight gain, but less side effects than sus.

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    Why just one? They work very well together. Don't just take my word on it. Im definitely not the most knowledgeable person on this board. I think however most will agree that you will be 100 times happier if you stack them together.

    Also what are you trying to accomplish and what are you stats currently. Imo if just 1 deca unless a little water retention is a big deal then sus. Like I said get other opinions though and consider both if possible.

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    Sus+Deca makes a good stack..

    You can try 400mg of deca a week + 250-500mg of sus. for 8 weeks.

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