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    Chaos Guest

    Question Not here to piss anyone off just need help?

    Hey guys reading threw some of the postings it seems some newbies come in here and think they know it all. Well I don't know it all that is why I am here. I put up one post and didn't get much response so I will elaberate on it. I have trained for about three years and have done one cycle of anadrol about a year and a half ago. Got pretty decent results. Just by a stroke of pure luck I have come across a supply of humatrope pens by Lilly. They are 6mg pens of Somatropin growth hormone . I have read alot including what is on the main page and have come to the conclusion that 1mg a day maybe a good cycle for about 8 weeks but I am not sure. None of my friends have any experience with this product and are unsure if this would be enough for any gains.I maybe completly off the mark with the dosage because have seen different opinions on growth hormones but none on this particular product. Any help?

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    Welcome bro

    I have no idea on GH better off waiting for the mods to come on line with their advice


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    The original jason Guest
    never heard of HGH measured in mg never ever read about it either all GH stacks I have ever seen or read about all the gear I have ever seen has been measured in IU's. There are many ways to cycle it none of them are on its own especially for a first or even second time user with little experience. My suggestion is this if you have been training alot and you want to go that little bit further look into what roids will do for u are you willing for the sides what are they ??? then look for a cycle to meet your goals dont just come accross something and decide to use it thats insane and dangerous we are all about safety here and my opinion is be safe do some research plan your cycles well know your gear then buy what you need not in any other order!


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    Mike Guest
    ok - just to clarify - the mg/iu conversion is:

    iu = 3(mg)

    And you would want to find a dose of around 6-8ius/day but it really depends on your bodyweight (no less than .02mg/kg/day) I suggest you research into this further - it can be dangerous if you dont know what you're doing - and you never take it for less than 12wks for optimal efficiency

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    Chaos Guest


    Thanks for the reply guys. The reason I was saying the dosage in mg is because that is what the humatrope pens come in so it is easier for me to convert it from IU's to mg to keep it simple for me. Mike I am 5'8,weigh 190 but I have 13% bodyfat I am going on a strict diet of 190 grams of protein + per day and low fat with it split up between 5 to 6 meals a day. With your sugestion I should be taking about 3mg per day for about 12 weeks for good results? As far as taking percations and knowledge I have many friends who have done roids and have been around and them for atleast four years I have been resaerching them for the last three years to do myself from what I have read growth has the best results and the least side efects and plus I am getting it for free!!! and I know it is real which makes it even better. I am going to be very cautious that is why I am asking for advice from some of the best. I have been reading this board fo a long time But usually I have been able to get my questions answered from doing a search but I couldn't find anything specific on growth and stacking it with anything so I decided to put my first post. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Mike Guest
    No you need much more than that IMO - but theres something you gotta know bud - GH isnt a steroid - it much more than gotta be careful

    I dont wanna be daddy here but I dont think you should do it just cause its free - its usually something that people wait YEARS and many cycle to do IF they do it at all - you're young, relatively small and inexperienced with juice - I dont think you realize how happy you would be with a good juice cycle....

    be safe

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    Mike Guest
    oh yeah....190g of protein??? NOT enough..

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