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    The 3 different types of spotters

    Ok, I know this is the steroid board but nobody reads the other boards so I wanted to post this here

    I just started lifting again and I don't have a partner so I go to the gym by myself and workout alone. This is fine, except on exercises where I could use a spotter. like bench press. The problem is when you ask a stranger to spot you, you usually get one of 3 guys

    The slacker spotter: this is the guy who stands there and stares into space or has a conversation while the weights crush your sternum

    The overzealous spotter: this is the guy who stands over you with his nuts in your face while he helps you do EVERY rep.

    The super motivater spotter: this is the guy who gives you a decent spot but ruins it by screaming things at you like "FEEL THE BURN, COME ON FEEL THE PAIN, IT'S ALL YOU BABY!!!!!" scaring the shit out of you and everyone else at the gym.

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    that definaltely sounds like the creatures that roam around my gym

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    That's funny you should bring that up, because just today I asked for a spot on bench. I always give short instructions "Don't touch the bar, if I need help I'll say help and then just help me finish the rep - otherwise, don't touch the bar." Usually it works, but today sure enough, before I even take the bar off the rack, this guy has his hands just underneath it. I think I made him feel like a kid because I gave him a stern look from upside down and said "DON'T TOUCH IT!"

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    Work out partners are great not just because they know how you like to be spotted but they motivate you on days when you are lagging. I haven't had a w/o partner in a long time. But when I ask for a spot I am sure to tell the spotter how I want my spot. After a while if you keep the same gym hours the'll be a group who know how to spot you.

    By the way I read the other boards!!! Good info on them.

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    Fuck that reminds me of the time I was going to University (college for you Americans). I was just coming off a shoulder injury and pushing really light weights. I asked this fucking DORK from my business strategy class to help me out.

    He dead fucking silent until the last rep, then he starts to fucking holler like a god-damned monkey ( remember I'm stuggling with hardly any wieght). I gave him the "SHHH, SHHH, SHHH." It embarrassed him, it embarrassed me, it was fucking brutal.

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    Spotters can be funny and the one with nutts in your face LOL

    I think over the years I have come across all of those types

    And for the other part people DO READ the other boards


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