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Thread: losing weight.

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    Unhappy losing weight.

    I've done two cycle's in my life, i went from starting at 140, to 181. Im currently down to 170, but when i was on the cycle i ate whatever i could get my hands on and put on a couple pounds of unwanted fat. My stomach is disgusting. I want to do what i can do get rid of it, i've tried clen , i've tried other fat burners, i've tried cardio, but i get really discuraged when i have no results. What is the best combination to losing fat, should i try clen again along with a t3 and winstrol maybe? Does anyone have any suggestions, please help.

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    sup my brutha. If you wanna lose some chub, then the most important thing is #1. Diet- no more eating whatever you can get your hands on. *Must plan ahead. Start eating Low fat, High Protein and Moderate carbs. I go with 15-20%fat (from good sources *not saturated! Fat coming from lean meats, essential fatty acids(EFA's). 30% Carbs from good sources such as: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat-whole grain bread, post workout Maltodextrins, broccoli, vegetables and some fruits- I try to stay under 200grms a day and quit eating them around 6:00 or depending on when I train that day. 50% Protein from lean sources such as: Egg Whites, Chicken Breast, Tuna, 1%Cottage cheese, Lean Beef, Fish, Turkey breast, Anything lean!- steer clear from lunch meats- contain mass amounts of sodium. Drink lots of water gallon or more a day. Stick to doing some cardio 3-4X/wk 20-30min moderate pace( I like to walk the treadmill at a 15% incline- good for tighten that ass (makes the girly's wanna fondle it)* Try to keep heart rate around 120-130 beats p/min. Train hard 3-4X/wk. Dude keep this up for a couple weeks and watch the fat melt of the that belly of yours. Hope this helps! Lates_Iwana

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    diet+lots of cardio=fat loss

    if you have these two going then through some other shit in there to help out, like t3, clen , dnp (if u are really stupid) or even some yohimbe hcl.

    good luck to ya

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    The diet is the key thing, diet is key to all in my opinion..
    How much cardio do you do? I have just recently stepped up my cardio to rid the fat on my stomach 30- 40 min 6 days a week. I will burn 400-600cal per session.. Slowly but surely, with my low fat and modderately low carb diet, i can see more of my 6 pack.

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    where is your fat?

    if stored in lower abs and lower back as well as chest your cycle may have led to increased estrogenic fatty deposits... if this is the case yohimbine hcl used topically may be of great benefit.

    btw- when on cycle maintain zinc intake and if possible, when using aromatics take arimidex

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    As the guys have said. Diet is the number 1.
    Check out my diet, maybe can give you som ideas.

    And clen , T3, ECA are tabs you can use to speed up the fatburning. It's difficult to say which you should use. Everybode reacts diffrently. Personally I get best results from Clen and T3. ECA(Ephedrine) makes me feel sick. Winny is also good during a diet for 2 reasons. 1)Makes you leaner 2)Prevents "big" muscle loss. Primobolan is also an option for the same reasons as winny.
    dosages=do a search

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