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    Tren Enan/ Prop INJ suggestions

    Did my first shot of Tren Enan and Test Prop today in the delt and it hurt like hell about an hour after and now about 10 hrs later it feels like i got punched by mike tyson 25 times. i can barely move my arm now without being in pain. Are the prop shots ALWAYS this bad? - and what size pin should be used to inject in the pec?? I have a 25g 1 inch. I can only think of injecting in the pecs, tris and delts b/c id like to walk the next day seeing i work outside all day.


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    well it would be the BA is making a bit of a tuss with your delt. I have the same problem with delt inj. your dart size is perfect for all IM shots!!

    you could try warming you oil under hot water before you inj. this might help or just use all other muscles for inj.

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    25 1" is good for the delts, pecs and quads. use 23 or 25 1.5" for glutes. You might want to avoid the quads due to the pain and that it can be tough to walk after a quad injection. Hopefully your body will get use to the prop and the pain will subside.

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    Try using Viroremone/Test prop by Ferring/Nordic I have never had any pain with this prop. It's nice stuff if you can get your hands on it?

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    Won't lie to you man, prop hurts but you'll get used to it (hopefully), Injectable B-12 is always an awesome way to lessen the pain.

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