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    Sustanon 250 and Anavar for a 2nd Cycle?

    Ok, I decided to run test as a base instead of Anavar only. 2nd cycle since last summer currently 5'10 182 pounds 8% bodyfat

    week 1-10 Sustanon 250 1 shot per week (thinking of doing 500mgs but will that promote more water retention?)
    week 1-7 Anavar 20 mgs daily. (only enough for 7 weeks--2.5 mgs/400 pills)
    Clomid therapy following 2 weeks after last shot ( need to check that)

    Also should I take creatine during this cycle?
    also should I add proviron to keep the water retention down?

    Going to eat 6 meals per day, 4 of the meals with veggies, 1 shake an hour before my workout, another shake after with flax seed oil. Also 1 protein bar daily.

    My goal for this cycle is Low Carb high Protein, very low sodium with minimum of 100ozs of water daily and a liquid vitamin supplement. In other words-I want a boost in size (10-15 lbs) and get S-H-R-E-D-D-E-D at the same time. The reason Im choosing the Sust as my base is it has the least water retention, and I only need to stick myself once a week! I could do winny shots only for the summer but theirs nothing like test to make me and my girlfriend happy---Love being horney all the time.

    Going to post pics of before and after, I appreciate your input.

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    sust 250 is supposed to be shot EOD for best results. I did mon thursday shots and had average gains. JMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krunchtime
    sust 250 is supposed to be shot EOD for best results. I did mon thursday shots and had average gains. JMO
    I agree.

    As for keeping the water retention down, that depends on how much it bothers you. If you are like some guys who swell up like a balloon, then yeah, running proviron sounds like a good idea, but if it just gives you a 'soft look' for a little while I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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