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    Unhappy Cycle without Clomid

    I'm taking my first cycle, it is a 10week cycle staking 250mg sus and 200mg Deca a week with a post cycle of clen . I know I should be taking more but being it is my first cycle Iím playing it safe and using this as a baseline for future cycles.

    My question is I was unable to get any clomid for the post cycle. What are my best alternatives? What is the best legal supplement(s) that can help replace clomid. With the low level of dosage i am taking would it really even be necessary to take clomid or am I just doomed.

    Oh in case you're wondering my stats are 20y/o 6' 222lbs been lifting a little over 3 years.

    Also i'm new to this board so the answer to this question might be somewhere else but what is the difference between all the member statuses like junior member, or super moderator? How do you get these titles? Not that I want one just curious.

    Thanks for the advice

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    don't stop trying to get clomid. keep looking, use an online pharmacy, do someting. there's nothing over the counter that works as well as clomid. keep looking, bro

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    bro u really need to do some reading that question is answered so many times, NO CLOMID NO CYCLE!


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    If to no avail you cannot obtain clomid, get a good brand of tribulus with an effective potency (biotest's "TRIBEX" or bulgarian Tribestan)...probably wont work as well as clomid, but it should definately do something.

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