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    Input required....


    I need help and direction. I have now been training for 2 months, 4 times a week. I weight 10.2stones, height 5.10 and age 25. My ideal goal is to weight 12stones and look lean and good. Iím keen to try steroids but I donít know what to try, when, how and which ones, nothing too strong. I donít want to get spots either. All help will be much appreciated.

    Thank u all

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    Check your other post bro


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    No flame intented bro...but in terms of training experience...two months is nothing. I would suggest you train naturally for about 2 years and really get strict with your diet. At your age you can expect to put on 15lbs of keepable muscle per year without even touching the juice. If you need input or advice re:diet and training you've definately come to the right place. much is a stone in terms of lbs or kgs? I've heard the term many times from Dorian and strength athletes such as Gary Taylor and Jamie Reeves.

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    hate to Flame you bro, especially you being from the Uk but you're after those Magic Pills again! Shite and you're names Magic 2!

    Ok these boys like it in LBS.....which is 142LBS. You want to get to 170LBS = 28LBS.

    Thats a shed load of weight, but you don't want side effects, something mild and no spots. Well thing is its part of the game.

    What you need to is research you arse off. and IMO wait about 18 months - 2 years before you need to even think about it. You've been training 2 months and are now keen to try need to sort out your diet, training and supplementation routine first. I started at 10.2 and went to 16.7 before I touched gear.

    No doubt that will piss you off, but I'm surprised if I'm alone IMO.


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    i agree bro. a solid base is necessary, otherwise your wasting your time. don't get discouraged though, keep reading, posting, learning, and even using your own expiriences to help others. the AS thing will become apparent to you. you'll know what to use, how to use it, and when to use it. just stick with the board. everything else will take care of itself

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