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    Question Post cycle

    What up guys. First of thanks for all the info and feed back from everyone, mods, vets, junioirs, whatever, its all been and will completely be appreciated. my question- i'm currently on my deca (400mg/week/10 weeks) Winny(50mg/ed/8 weeks) and anavar (40mg/ed/8weeks), and i have tons of clomid. i had a pretty good idea of how to take it post cycle, but now there are a lot of different opinions goin out there. what do u guys reccommend. what week should i start ,and how much a day those weeks. i was goin to go 100 week 12, 150 week13, and 100 week 14, but now i'm not sure. help would be appreciated

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    go with 50/100/50 seems to be what most people use


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    damn dude. that's alot of clomid. doing the taper up , then down method that most people do, with 50 mg's more.. man, if that doesn't get your test production up.. then i don't know what will... u'll be fine with your way or what billy said.

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