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Thread: liquid diet

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    liquid diet

    is there any sense to an all liquid diet. using the right amount of carbs, fats and protein i would think would be able to sustain a person. i took a nutrition course in college and the professor said people can live on it and even gain weight( slim fast, ensure, protein drinks) i belive this is a lazy mans diet but would no doubt take alot of guess work out of nutrition. just wondering if anyone has tried it. thanks

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    Mike Guest
    think about how your body gets rid of it's liquid diet.....wanna live like that?

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    once for a couple days I got really lazy and drank meal replacements all day and ate like one food meal. I had a hard time shitten and when I did it was rock hard and hurt like hell....

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    Thanks for that delightful image - not

    Eat good and clean otherwise no point to BB and if you were a baby I would say yeah you need a liquid diet and as we have teeth might as well use them b4 they all fall out with old age


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