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    Question Clomid? What is it & what does it do? Yes, I'm new to this.


    I am a novice and I have been reading a lot of the other posts on this site. A lot of poeple are saying to use Clomid at the end of your cycle. Why? What is it and what does it do? Does it clean the liver/kidney or something?

    I got this from another post, please explain:

    Clomid 50/100/50 and Nolvadex incase of gyno probs 20mg until symptoms subside then 10mg till the end of the cycle

    Thanks guys, this site really helps because I don't have anyone else to ask questions.

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    Well as your new you need to do some RESEARCH!

    The Clomid question is a common one.

    If you click on the Bumped Posted you will see a Clomid 101. Or Click on search and you will have lots of info if you type Clomid.

    Help yourself and then we can help you.


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    That quote you used is mine bro - sorry if it is unclear

    Big Al really has hit the nail on the head do a little research and you,ll know what the hell we are talking about - then you can explain it to me - LOL


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    yea what they said. there is plentty of reseach out there... youll be alright,, if not come back and ask

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